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Beast Skills around the World!

The same time I was putting together yesterday’s post, I received an email from Beast Skills visitor, Ted, with pictures of his “flag raising” on Yuigahama, a beach very close to Kamakura, Japan. Very impressive! Again, very impressive! Thanks for the pictures! Ted had these words of advice:     “But just as a warning to […]

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Flag World Record! 39 second hold!!!

No, not by me, but I did come across some videos of French acrobat, Dominic Lacasse, setting the world record for holding the flag. 39 seconds! This was shown on the German Edition of “Guinness World Records”, and you can see the videos of part 1, part 2, and part 3 (Dominic breaks the record […]

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One Arm Pushup Tutorial!

This tutorial is months overdue, but here it is. The one arm pushup. Please feel free to email me here if there is anything unclear about the tutorial, or if there are any broken pictures/links.  Thanks for all the support. Good luck with your training!

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One Arm Pushup Tutorial posted tomorrow

Thanks to all who continue to visit the site, despite the severe lack of updates. It’s been sitting on the back burner for ages, but I’m going to get the one arm pushup tutorial wrapped up and posted here tomorrow.

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Michael Phelps on 10,000 calories a day

(picture courtesy, Speedo USA/Michael Muller) I’ve been reading and watching a lot on the Olympics lately and one statistic that I read over and over again (in articles like this: is the number of calories Michael Phelps puts down in a day. During training, he strives to get 8,000 – 10,000 calories in a […]

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Thanks to everyone!

Thanks to everyone who supported the Pushing Past Autism event through direct donation or the purchase of a t-shirt! 100% of the profits with be donated to Autism Society of Connecticut. Best of luck with all your training!

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Charity Event for Autism – June 7th – plus new t-shirt design!

This Saturday, June 7th, at the O’Neill Center of Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT, will be a charity event for children with autism — it is a pushup event! – try to do as many (or as few) pushups as you want to do in four hours. If you can’t make it to the […]

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The front lever tutorial is finally done. I appreciate everyone’s patience with my severe lack of updates and tutorials for the site for the past year and a half. The whole situation frustrates me just as much as it frustrates you. Trust me. I’m working to fix things to be able to update more frequently. […]

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New Tutorials Update

Ever the perfectionist, I’ve realized there are several additional sections I’d like to add to the front lever tutorial. The one arm push-up tutorial is also taking a bit longer than expected. Better to do things right the first time. In the meantime, check out this short but interesting article on the one legged squat […]

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Back from Vacation, No Joke

Entertaining people at the Tower of London Back from a great time in London, and I’ve managed to finish up the tutorial for the front lever. The one arm push-up tutorial should be finished by tomorrow this weekend and I’ll post them both up at the same time, no joke. Speaking of no joke, no […]

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In T-nation – again!

I was pictured in another article on T-nation. Apparently I’m the definition of a chin-up now. Thanks to everyone who emailed me to let me know! Check out the article below: Common Exercise Misconceptions Part 2   For those who have asked, I have two tutorials that I have in rough draft, with pictures all […]

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T-shirts for sale!

Head on over to the brand new Products & Equipment page to take a closer look at the designs and buy these shirts!! I’m very happy with the overall quality of the shirt and the way the printing came out. I ordered them myself first to make sure they were good enough for you! Each […]

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Happy New Year!

Just got back from my holiday vacation. I’m sure from the picture you can guess where I went. Wrapping up a couple things to post. Good luck with your training in 2008!

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Interviews and Articles

If you look to the top of the page, you’ll see a link for a new videos section! There are only a few videos posted right now, but I’m planning on adding several short videos that will explain drills and techniques for different skills. Another video you can watch is myself doing 15 handstand pushups […]

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A burning OAC

October already!! Work and life in general have swallowed me whole, so I’m sorry for a lack of any updates. I continue to work on various projects and will try to answer everyone’s email in a timely manner. Until the next tutorial, here’s some pictures of my friend Jack Arnow, at this year’s Burning Man […]

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Thanks to all who attended!

It was great to have such an eager crowd today at the Beast Skills Clinic. I hope everyone was able to walk away with something to work on. For those looking to build a set of their own parallettes, head on over to the equipment section for the measurements and instructions. The assistance bands we […]

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Beast Skills Clinic – This Sunday, August 19th

This Sunday, August 19th from 9am to 10:30am in Alexandria, Virginia I’ll be running a clinic on handstand and ring work. Attendees will receive hands-on experience and personal coaching from myself on various skills and progressions. I want to provide feedback to everyone, so class size is limited to 15 people. This will allow everyone […]

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Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to everyone for voting and helping me win the Men’s Health “How Fit Are You” contest twice in a row!!! I just received the email from the Men’s Health editor and needless to say I’m excited. I knew the competition was tougher this time, but my video […]

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First Iron Cross

Barely held it for a second… but I held it… So close, I can taste it. Read on in the training section. And thanks again for all the votes!

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I am again a finalist in Men’s Health “How Fit Are You” contest. I was informed by the editor of the magazine that there was a problem with the video player on the website, but now that it is fixed the voting has started! My video is titled “Press, Spin and Slam”. As I said […]

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Updated Tutorial, New Articles, and \’How Fit are You, Take 2\’

Updated the muscle-up tutorial to include an erroneously overlooked progression for the skill – doing a muscle-up with feet on a box or bench. This simply shifts some weight from the arms to the legs and makes the muscle-up easier. I have a new article that was recently published in the June issue of Performance […]

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NEW TUTORIAL! – The Muscle-Up

Here you go. Tutorial for the Muscle-up. Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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I received an email about an hour ago. Real simple – “Your tape got the most votes. You won our How Fit Are You Contest.” Here is the video page again, now announcing me as the winner. Thank you to everyone!! I literally could not have done it without all of your votes. As a […]

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Hey everyone, I received several emails informing me of a “How Fit Are You?” contest that Men’s Health Magazine was sponsoring. The whole point was to submit a video showing strength, coordination, power, and balance.      A free afternoon and about 10 minutes of shooting later and I had something to submit. It’s just a […]

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In all seriousness…

Hope everyone enjoyed the tutorial yesterday! In all seriousness, I’ve got an article that is done and will soon be published in an online magazine. In addition, I have three different tutorials I’m finishing up. And two other articles plus three other tutorials in the future works. Yes, I’m a bit busy. Pardon me if […]

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New Tutorial!

This is a good one! After the overwhelming response to the No handed one arm chin tutorial, I began thinking of other skills that could be done this way. Well, the other week I managed to “no hand” another skill. So without further adieu, the No Handed Planche.

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Site Rearrangement and Training Log Updated

As you can see from the links across the top of the front page, I’ve rearranged things slightly. The “Tutorials” section now includes “Tutorials and Articles” to reflect its content and the direction I want to take it. “Training” has changed to the more descriptive “Training Log”, and biggest change is the removal of the […]

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Clapping Handstand Pushup – revised

I revised the Clapping HSPU tutorial by adding this picture where you can see my feet. No wires, no cables. Again, not the prettiest skill, but it’s there. I’m sure some will still question the authenticity of the skill, but as Johnny Fox says, there will always be septics . . . I mean skeptics.

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Interview with Jack Arnow

Jack Arnow   I had the fantastic opportunity to meet, train, and talk with Jack Arnow this past January. If you don’t know, Jack is the co-author of the one arm chinning guide posted up at Dragondoor. He’s been training for decades and shares his wisdom in this interview.       And a huge […]

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Beast Skills around the World!

I recently received an email from one Mike Tornincasa who has been motorcycling around South America with his wife since August of last year! Read all about their adventures at (Pedro and Maria are code names for Mike and his wife Amie, I think they may actually be international spies…) He enjoys the page […]

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