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Lacrosse Balls (Pack of 6)

A simple lacrosse ball can provide incredible relief for tight muscles. Simply roll the affected area with the ball and the muscle tissue will begin to release and move freely again. The possibilities and applications are limitless. This is a very simple, yet absolutely essential piece of equipment in my training.

I’ll buy them in a pack of 6 so I never have to go searching for one.

Jun 25, 2011 | Category: Products | Comments: 2


2 Responses to “Lacrosse Balls (Pack of 6)”

  1. Hashim

    Hi Jim,
    In an older video you used a “body massage ball” to open up your shoulders for handstands, but that link seems to be down. Is there any place you know where I can pick one up. Jill Miller’s yoga tune up website offers something called the alpha ball. Would this work?

    • admin

      You can find the body massage ball here –

      Maggie Wong also regularly runs workshops on use of the various massage balls! Very helpful!

      Using the larger, yet soft black yoga massage ball is the best thing I’ve every found for working out the often tight psoas!

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