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  • Climbing the Pegboard – New Variations

    December 16 2008

    Remember the peg board in your old PE class? Here’s a video of me playing around on one – showing some variations from the standard “hit every single hole” climb that most are familiar with. For those of you lucky enough to still have access to one, try some of read more…

  • Bob Vastine – Age 71 – 450 lb World Record Deadlift!!!

    December 5 2008

    Had the pleasure of heading up to York, Pennsylvania the other weekend to watch my friend and fellow gym member, Bob, compete in an IPA meet. Not only did he hit his goal in the deadlift, but he set a new world record for his class!

  • Handstand Walking – Stepping up and down off a bench

    November 17 2008

    Just a video of me stepping up, then stepping back down from a weight bench while in a handstand position. If you have a solid handstand pushup, the technique isn’t too difficult. Just come at the bench stomach first, put one hand up, lower your chest to the edge of read more…

  • The human flag – a study

    November 14 2008

    Hey guys, just a few quick clips of some flag training last Monday. After looking over the footage, I’ve come up with a couple more tips to help you get the skill – especially if you’re close. It basically breaks down to: – hop or swing your legs, rather than read more…