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  • Pelican Pushups

    September 14 2012

    Excellent exercise that I learned about from this video (which is an excellent video) – These are a progressive exercise for the inverted muscle-up, which I am working to obtain. In addition, these are definitely going to help my 90 degree pushups (see my 90 degree pushup vids), and read more…

  • Combo Skills

    September 5 2012

    All ‘advanced’ skills are just a combination of the basics. Learn and master the building blocks and you can combine them to work on these skills. I am not a professional acrobat or gymnast, and my form is still decidedly rough, but I can put together what I know to read more…

  • Trap bar dead – (no sound)

    August 21 2012

    525 lbs at 175 lbs bodyweight. Removed the original audio, as it was a bit distracting for the video.

  • Trap bar deadlift – Triple bodyweight

    August 21 2012

    Just a whole lot of heavy squatting and Olympic lifting these past several months. Haven’t touched the trap bar in ages, but wanted to see if I could do this. I think of this as a warm-up to eventually doing this on the normal straight bar. 525 lbs at 175 read more…