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90 degree pushups – negatives – 5-7-12

I worked the 90 degree pushup again in training today. I’m able to push out of one ( – but today I was looking to control the lower down as far as I could go. I used three set-ups of increasing height. The boxes were a bit harder to transition, but managed to give me a challenge. Looks like I lose a bit of positioning at the bottom with the boxes. Anyway, my eventual goal is to be able to lay down between a set of parallettes and pull myself up into a handstand! So far, so good! -Jim

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3 Responses to “90 degree pushups – negatives – 5-7-12”

  1. noarr

    This is a VERY smart way of building up strength – especially with the pad on the floor. Negatives allow us to experiment with positions positives would never work with. But I’ve been working with slow positives and they are also a different breed of animal requiring intense control and power on movements that we thought were easy. Little did I realize that I was using inertia to power a move not realizing that certain positions within that movement totally lacked control. Only by going slow (5-8 seconds)do you feel those areas of weakness. And they don’t take long to patch up.

    • admin

      There are many ways to approach skills. I would recommend getting the positive with an explosive contraction before attempting to slow things down.

  2. Ben Street

    I have been trying to find where you get these from of how to build them please can you help thanks

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