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What is this page?

Beast Skills was made to teach you those skills that seemed impossible or “beastly”. I started writing up tutorials and posting about gymnastics and acrobatics, but have since grown to include my other physical interests like weightlifting, rock climbing, slack lining and more.

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Am I too fat and/or tall to do these things?

– Will having a certain body type help you get these skills faster? Yes. Should you give up because you don’t have the body of an Olympic gymnast. Hell No.     Here’s a picture of Bert Assirati.     This guy weighed 240 lbs (~109 kg) but was able to do three one arm chin-ups, as […]

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Are you doing any seminars near my city soon?

Check the seminars section of this page or check the FaceBook page for first word!  

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Can you write me a training program?

I’m not able to write up a training program for everyone who emails me. And I do not currently offer online personal training. Sorry. I am working on providing online group training. Keep an eye on the page for that!

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How should I train for a certain skill?

I generally find that skills requiring more balance than strength (e.g., handstand, headstand, elbow lever) respond well to frequent training while giving oneself adequate rest between repetitions. I feel they can also be worked for several consecutive days without adverse consequence. For skills requiring quite a bit of strength (handstand pushups, the flag, the back […]

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Which skill is hardest? Which is easiest? Can you rank them?

Try each one out and you’ll figure out which is easy and hard. Try the progressive exercises for each one and you’ll figure where you stand and how much more you need to do.

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How much extra weight do I need to do in my weighted chin-up before I can do a one arm chin-up?

Perform a chin-up with 2/3 of your current bodyweight for 2-3 reps and you’re close. Start working on the one arm progressive exercises now.

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Have you ever tried rock climbing/ breakdancing/ parkour/ martial arts/ capoeira/etc, etc?

Yes,  and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. Like weight training or gymnastics, they all deal with control and mastery over oneself – mentally and physically. So despite what may seem like totally dissimilar interests, in the end they just become different paths to the same goal of better movement.   Kujo and me, […]

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So do you only train bodyweight skills?

No, I also lift things. (an easy 335 lbs.) As I’ve said before, I feel that bodyweight training and weight training complement each other very well. I’ve gotten the impression that some people feel they have to choose between one or the other. Or that one is superior to the other. I hate to see […]

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What equipment do you use?

Power Tower/ Pullup bar For skills like the one arm chin, front lever, and back lever, a bar is essential for training. I picked up a door mounted pull up bar for $15 from a sporting goods store, then later bought a used power tower for $25 on Craigslist. The power tower is an old […]

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What’s your workout plan?

I change my workout plans throughout the year, but here’s my latest article. I like to incorporate barbell training (power lifting and olympic lifting), as well as gymnastic and bodyweight exercises. Mix in some other fun activities like rock climbing and slack lining, and you’ve got my week.

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So what are your best lifts then?

As of December 30th, 2010. My best lifts are as follows. Note that some might not have been updated for some time: Back Squat: 415 lbs – training Front Squat: 335 lbs Deadlift: 500 lbs – trap bar training, 500 lbs – straight bar competition (sumo) Clean and Jerk: 120 KG – competition, 125 KG […]

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What supplements do you take?

I drink whey protein shakes throughout the day. During my workouts, I drink a 2:1 carb to protein shake with waxy maize and whey protein. To that workout shake, I will also add 5-10 grams of creatine. I take varying levels of vitamin A, C, and D, zinc, magesium, multi-vitamin, fish oil, and melatonin. I […]

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What do you eat?

Lots of wholesome foods – fruits, vegetables, lean meats (beef, chicken, fish), eggs, nuts, cheese, whole grains, water, and green tea. I try to avoid foods that are heavily processed and contain white flour or white sugar. I still eat junk food, but keep my diet clean a majority of the time.

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Are you going to start a forum for the site?

Not anytime soon. People spend too much time online already. Check out the Beast Skills FaceBook page for the closest thing to a forum you’ll find here.

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