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Hey everyone, I received several emails informing me of a “How Fit Are You?” contest that Men’s Health Magazine was sponsoring. The whole point was to submit a video showing strength, coordination, power, and balance.


A free afternoon and about 10 minutes of shooting later and I had something to submit. It’s just a quick collection of some skills – Clapping HSPU, Handstand to elbow lever, one arm chin-up, muscle-up, and front lever. Well yours truly was picked as one of the semi-finalists!

So head HERE to see the video (labeled “collection of strength skills”), and HERE to vote for it. I don’t think there’s any limit on the number of times you can vote, so vote as much as you can!

And just in case you’re wondering, the grand prize for this contest is a $1,500 Bowflex home gym! (which I will promptly sell to raise money for this site.)

So head on over and vote for my video. Help me beat the other handstand and dip entries, and the nutcases squatting on bosu and swiss balls.

Thanks everyone!

Apr 09, 2007 | Category: Blog | Comments: none


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