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If you look to the top of the page, you’ll see a link for a new videos section! There are only a few videos posted right now, but I’m planning on adding several short videos that will explain drills and techniques for different skills.

Another video you can watch is myself doing 15 handstand pushups on the rings. With that video submitted to Crossfit, I won the final Crossfit Challenge that was posted. The challenge was difficult, but with the large amount of overhead pressing I had been doing during the past several months, it took just a couple sessions to get my technique down and record the video.

I’ve recently been interviewed again by two different sites. The first is Underground Strength Coach, which is run by well known Coach Zach Even-Esh. He’s very knowledgeable, very passionate about strength training, and just an all-around nice guy. Check out my interview here. Unfortunately, the interview is not free and the site costs money to register.

The second interview was done by Logan Christopher of Lost Art of Handbalancing. If you haven’t checked out “The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing” that he sells on his site, I highly recommend it. Logan tracked down a rare book written by two handbalancing legends, Professor Paulinetti and Robert Jones. He then did the legwork to be able to reproduce the book and clean it up. Making it much more affordable and readable than the original. Yes, that’s Paulinetti doing a one arm planche on the cover. There’s a picture of Bob Jones doing a two thumb handstand in the book.

For all that I know and have read through the years, this book has still taught me several new things. Excellent read.

Anyways, Logan interviewed me for his new product “Hand Balancing Mastery Course”. My interview is included on an audio cd as part of the course. Keep an eye on the site for the release of that new product.

Thanks again to Zach and Logan for the interviews.


Finally, I was quite surprised to be reading through T-nation’s October 18th article on Injury Prevention and see a picture of myself right in the middle of it!

Several people have also informed me that my pictures/information are being used in their University classes. If you see my pictures/information in a non-forum setting, send me an email and let me know!


I’m working on future updates and further development of the page. Trust me, I already have a long list of tutorials that I want to write, as well as others that have been requested, but if you have any other suggestions for the site, send me an email.

Keep an eye on the site in the coming weeks and good luck with your training!

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