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New Seminar Announced!

In the grand tradition of John Glenn, Buzz Aldrin, and Lance Bass, I have finally finished my negotiations and will have the next Beast Skills seminar on . . . wait for it . . .


In space, no one can hear you scream during a workout

That’s right! It’s taken a lot of talks with NASA (hence my lack of updates for the site), but I’ve finally secured a spot for myself and 15 seminar participants (we’ll make several trips back and forth) on the Space Shuttle Atlantis, taking off May 12th.

That’s right, Tuesday May 12th all seminar participants will be meeting at the Kennedy Space Center near Cape Canaveral, Florida at 6am. Due to the location of this special seminar, it’s required that all seminar participants be physically fit, familiar with the stabilizing gyroscopes of the Hubble Space Telescope, and have the ability to moonwalk (at least on a hardwood floor with socks).

Cost for this seminar is a steal at $200,000 each person. A mere fraction of the $20 million that Bass was asked to cough up.


So I know your first question – “Why the moon?” Well, I know certain strength skills are difficult, so what better place to learn them then a place with lower gravity!?

Holding your breath at this point is acceptable

Many skills would benefit, especially the no-handed planche outlined this time several years ago!

So again, those details:

Where: The Moon

Date: Tuesday May 12th, 2009

Time: 6am meet-up at Kennedy, to the moon by lunch.

(seminar ends one week later with a splashdown in the Pacific)

How Much: $200,000/person (please contact me for payment)


This seminar will be out of this world!!! With such a long time in space, we’ll have plenty of time to take rests, let the body recover, and maybe kick back a cold one or two! Register today! Space may be limitless, but space in this seminar is extremely limited!!!

Made by someone with more free time than me

Created by someone with as much free time as I have.

On another, non April 1st note, thanks to everyone who SOLD OUT the seminar at Primal Fitness this past Sunday! Great to meet everyone and see a couple people’s first muscle-ups!

I’ve got another seminar coming up on Sunday April 26th in Richmond, VA –

( $80 to register.)

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