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Product Review – EXF Rings from

Hey guys, Jim from, just reviewing some rings from The new EXF Rings are the 3rd version of rings that has been offered by the site. Lots of new innovations – rubberized grip, S-hook system that allows doorway mounting and easier ceiling mounting, as well as measurements on the straps. A great piece of equipment I’d recommend picking up for your workouts – – We use them at my gym extensively and they work great and last forever.

Dec 16, 2009 | Category: Videos | Comments: 2 | Tags: , ,


2 Responses to “Product Review – EXF Rings from”

  1. Matt

    I have just placed an order for EXF Rings after watching your review. I’m looking forward to training with them, looks very challenging compared to the bar!

    • admin

      Definitely more challenging, and a whole lots of great exercises to be done on them. There’s a reason they have lasted in the gym community for so long.

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