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Rubber Bands

An inexpensive yet extremely valuable addition to your training equipment! Whether you take a few bands into the gym to assist your workouts, or pack them in your suitcase for easy travel exercises, you’ll get a lot of use out of a good set of exercise bands! Take a look at this video I made […]

Gymnastic Rings

These are such a fantastic piece of equipment for a variety of exercises, and essential for skills like the iron cross and muscle-up. If you’ve never done exercises on the rings, then you’re in for a big surprise – everything is harder to do. I’ve bought rings from a number of sources over the years […]

Removable Pull-up Bar

Get a home pull-up bar that you can easily set-up or take down! I like this particular version with the extra circular handles. They make a perfect anchor for a set of rings, as they will move the rings and straps out of the doorway slightly. This will give you a little more room for […]

Beast Skills T-shirts

Help support the site and grab a t-shirt! Several designs available! I have them printed on demand through Cafe Press. Thanks for the support!

The Clymb – Discounted Outdoor Gear

I absolutely love this site. The Clymb offers huge discounts on outdoor gear. They post new stuff every several days. I’ve picked up tons of camping equipment, and even a slackline! I can’t recommend this site enough. No wonder that their motto is “Inspiring Adventures”.

Pull up and Parallel Bar superset!

Need the ultimate calisthenic set-up!? Grab this freestanding pull-up bar and parallel bar superset! Always have a place to workout!