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Slackline Practice – 7-30-12

Closing in on 4 months with my newest obsession, the slackline. Still hot as heck outside, but not stopping me from some outdoor practice. List of skills, in order – Jump mount Jump mount – drop knee – double drop knee Pistol mount Elbow lever Jump (fail) Double drop knee (fail) Double drop knee (fail) Double drop knee (fail) Knee mount – one leg bouncing Jump (success!) – turn around Drop knee – foot plant – squat – turn around I’m looking forward to improving and learning more!

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3 Responses to “Slackline Practice – 7-30-12”

  1. So much fun! Now I want to do this too! :) and…Good luck practicing, already waiting for some tips!

  2. Looks fun as heck, gives new meaning to the ‘educated feet’ phrase usually used for kickers, cept this really educates the whole body since core/head/arms are also involved.

    That material must really be strong though. Makes me wonder what they rank it for. I wouldn’t know how to choose what trees to mount it on though.

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