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Live in Tortola? Train with me! (plus a new seminar)

Hi guys, this is Jim from – I know this is a long shot, but I wanted to see if any of my fans lived in Tortola and wanted to meet up for a training session. I’ll be there the end of January on a family vacation. If

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Jack Arnow – One Arm Chinup Machine

Hi, this is Jim from I visited Jack Arnow at his apartment last weekend. Here he showed me his home set-up for assisted one arm chin ups. He’s currently working towards a double bodyweight chin-up at 140 lbs. (He’s done +120 lbs already). And he’s 65! Check out my

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Beast Skills – Back from Ryan Lee’s Bootcamp

Hello all, this is Jim from – a site dedicated to teaching you old-school bodyweight strength skills. Things like one arm chinups, handstand pushups, one arm handstands, and the like. I just got back from Ryan Lee’s Bootcamp in Connecticut, and despite it being 2am, I’m posting this quick

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