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Reverse Muscle-up aka “Elevator” Training

The evolution past handstand pushups – I’ve been working with my hands on tall boxes to replicate the “elevator”. Decent results. The body leans towards the wall slightly, and notice how the elbows/arms move behind the torso. Careful with the set-up – it’s easy to flip over and/or put yourself

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Improvised Dream Machine (gymnastics ring assist)

Improvised “Dream Machine” I put together the other day. The red belt is from a Vertimax, although any strong belt would do. I tied loops in the webbing (bowline knot) to connect it to the belt. The carabiners act as pulleys and cut one’s weight in half. It could use

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Weighted Muscle-ups

Is it possible to do a strict muscle-up if you weigh over 200 lbs? Absolutely. It’s all a matter of getting those shoulders set back and down! This is key! Weighted muscle-ups have been going well lately, so here’s a recent video. I weight 175 lbs+, so you’re looking at

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Product Review – EXF Rings from

Hey guys, Jim from, just reviewing some rings from The new EXF Rings are the 3rd version of rings that has been offered by the site. Lots of new innovations – rubberized grip, S-hook system that allows doorway mounting and easier ceiling mounting, as well as measurements on

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Assisted One Arm Muscle-Up on Rings

Inspired by Yury Tikhonovich and his one arm muscle-up in this video: I wanted to try a similar skill on the rings. As you see, I try various grips for the pulling and assisting hand. Like Yury, I kick into it as well. If anyone can do the skill

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Pseudo-Maltese Training on Gymnastic Rings

Hey guys, here’s an exercise to try that will help strengthen up your chest and shoulders for the maltese position on rings, as well as for the backward roll on rings. The hands are right by my hips, palms facing down. My arms are slightly bent and I’m pressing them

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Beast Skills Seminar – Nov 9th, 2008

Hey guys, this is Jim from This video is to let you know of a gymnastic seminar I’m holding Sunday, November 9th, 2008, from 9am to 12 noon at Potomac Crossfit ( in Arlington, VA. I’ll be covering basic and advanced handstand work, as well as basic and advanced

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