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Thanks to RARE CrossFit and CrossFit 305!

Somewhere among the chaos of my sister’s marriage in June and the 4th of July celebrations, I managed to head over to RARE CrossFit in Fredericksburg, VA and CrossFit 305 in Miami, Fl for several fantastic seminars. Both are phenomenal gyms with awesome people. Thanks again to all the owners and coaches – Dan, Adam, Pete, Dominic, Alex, Jim, Lee, and everyone else who came out to learn a handstand!

 37258_758561684328_18724046_41948814_1274629_n 35294_429557762072_118715112072_5354002_1501536_n

      Press and Planche work at CrossFit 305                                           Learning the finer points of the Muscle-up in Miami


 IMG_3078  IMG_3129

Working the Muscle-up in Virginia                                                                An easy one arm handstand!

Just one confirmed future seminar at the moment – Saturday October 9th at CrossFit Ignite in Westwood, New Jersey. This will be my second time up to the facility (Steve booked me for October directly after our last seminar in February!)

The beginner seminar will cover the follwing – Headstands, Handstands, Handstand Pushups, and the Muscle-up.

The advanced seminar will cover the following – Handstand correction, One arm handstand work, Presses and Planche work, and Advanced ring skills (forward roll, front/back lever, kip-up)

Registration and Information here –

As for other future seminars? I’m in talks for seminars literally up and down the entire East Coast of the United States. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for first word on them!

Thanks and good luck with your training!



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