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Updated Tutorial, New Articles, and \’How Fit are You, Take 2\’

Updated the muscle-up tutorial to include an erroneously overlooked progression for the skill – doing a muscle-up with feet on a box or bench. This simply shifts some weight from the arms to the legs and makes the muscle-up easier.

I have a new article that was recently published in the June issue of Performance Menu – an online nutrition and athletic journal. It’s titled “Bodyweight Skill Integration” and deals with combining bodyweight skills and weight training exercises into a single exercise program – a topic that many have asked me about.

Due to legal reasons, I can’t offer the article on this page for free, but you can download a free issue at Performance Menu, or subscribe to the magazine for $30 a year.


A strength class I teach at Balance Gym was also featured in the Washington Express, a publication of the Washington Post. Click here or on the picture below for the full article. Beast Skills was mentioned in the opening lines.


Finally, it looks like I might be in the running for the Men’s Health “How Fit Are You” contest again. My video is posted on the contest page. I haven’t received a formal email saying I’m a finalist yet, but I assume its presence on the page is confirmation enough. Voting for the winner should open soon. Can I win two times in a row? I’ll need everyone’s help in voting again.

This routine isn’t quite as clean as the first one that I entered (I blame the 5am shoot time), but I think it really fulfills the strength, coordination, power, and balance criteria better than the last video. Take a look and let me know what you think.


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