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What do you eat?

Lots of wholesome foods – fruits, vegetables, lean meats (beef, chicken, fish), eggs, nuts, cheese, whole grains, water, and green tea. I try to avoid foods that are heavily processed and contain white flour or white sugar. I still eat junk food, but keep my diet clean a majority of the time.

Oct 11, 2010 | Category: FAQ | Comments: 1


One Response to “What do you eat?”

  1. Willem

    Hello Jim,

    You have a great website and inspire me a lot. Thank you for all the information you provide.

    Can I ask you for advise on food quantity. First of all, I eat local organic whole foods (Paleo diet) and mostly drink water, tea and coffee. Quality is always my priority, but should I try to eat more or only eat when I am hungry.

    My main goal is to be a better mover, but also have strength abilities like oac, straddle planche, 2x bodyweight back squat, 3x bw deadlift. For barbell strength I could improve by eating a lot more (even bulking). At the same time gymnastic strength requires an optimal bodyweight/strength ratio. I don’t aspire muscle mass or bodybuilding.

    How do you approach this? Are you “bulking” or “cutting”? Eat only when you’re hungry? Or even try not to get hungry?

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