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What else do you want on this page?

I created this site nearly 6 years ago to share my thoughts on bodyweight training and feats of strength. I couldn’t find all the information I was looking for myself, so I decided to write down what I had discovered.

But as many of you know, my own training does not include just bodyweight exercises (check out here – – or here – ). This page then just covers a part of what I know, love, and train.

So I pose the question to you, what do you want to see on Would you be interested in more weight training articles? Kettlebells? Grip strength? How to tie it all together?

The conversation is already in full force on my FaceBook Page. Please feel free to contribute there, here on this post, or even email me directly. You’ll get my autoresponder, but I promise I read each and every email that comes through.

Thanks for any and all comments. And thank you again so much for all the support over the years!


Feb 27, 2011 | Category: Blog | Comments: 2


2 Responses to “What else do you want on this page?”

  1. Nitish

    I have been following your routines for not more than 3 months after reading CC. You are doing a fantastic job.
    I am still learning the various body-weight techniques. I wanted some more material on improving my grip and forearms strength, as it is proving the weakest link for me. Just to give you the heads up, grips like the FatGripz, etc are not available in my country.

  2. admin – more ideas than you can ever possibly use.

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