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The Gripboard – Best place on the web to learn about grip strength training.

Ring – Best place I’ve found to buy gymnastic rings for home use. The site also sells an excellent “Ring Strength” DVD starring Olympic Gold Medalist Jordan Jovtchev.

The Lost Art of Handbalancing – Run by Logan Christopher, he’s brought together a ton of old time information regarding handbalancing. For all the years that I’ve been doing this, the material he presents has taught me plenty of new things. I was interviewed for his “Hand Balancing Mastery Course”.

T-Nation – Tons of useful training articles.

DragonDoor – Great message board and several excellent bodyweight strength articles.

Crossfit – Great message board. Crossfit promotes a “broad, general, and inclusive” concept of fitness which includes a lot of hard work.

American Parkour – Great site on the art of parkour. Awesome admins and community.

Sandow and the Golden Age of Iron Men – Incredible site documenting many legendary, old-time strong men as well as their writings. There are a ton of pictures and a wealth of timeless information on this site.

Gymkana – What I spent my last two years of college doing. It’s a gymnastics exhibition team based at the University of Maryland that promotes a healthy lifestyle by performing at local schools and sporting events (book today!).

SteelFit – Site and business of my friend, Frank Passanante. He’s custom-made the pull-up bars in my gym, and they are solid pieces of equipment. If you need custom metal work done, he’s your man!

Demon Drills – Parkour Tutorials from my buddy, Ryan Ford. Awesome stuff!


Fitness Professionals

Josh Courage – Josh runs Courage Performance, specializing in Personal Training and Baseball Performance. I met him when we both worked at Balance Gym. Besides being a knowledgeable professional, he is always involved in some crazy adventure! A fantastic resource

Anywhere Fit – Blog of my buddy, Blair Morrison. We also met when we both worked at Balance Gym. He is a freaking machine and can probably beat you in just about any athletic endeavor. He’s currently studying in Europe and uses his blog to record his awesome workouts. As the name implies, he works out anywhere and everywhere!

Eric – Eric is a regular contributor to plus several other fitness sites. I’ve purchased several products from him including the Magnificent Mobility DVD and the Ultimate Off-Season Training Manual. Both are filled with great information.

Mike – Co-author of the Magnificent Mobility DVD, he is also a regular contributor to and a very knowledgeable guy as well. Mike has become known as the “knee guy” and has recently released a book on knee health as a result.

Underground Strength Coach – Run by Zach Even-Esh, he espouses an old-school, no frills method of training that works. Expect lots of kegs, sandbags, and sledgehammers.

John Gill’s Website – Described as a “climbing memoir” along with sections on the origins of bouldering, historical rock climbing images, competitive rope climbing, climbing & gymnastics, and historical bodyweight feats. There’s a large amount of extremely interesting information.

Oh, and who’s John Gill? This is John Gill:

—————————————————————————- – A weight training site geared toward women with actual useful advice (no pink dumbbells to be seen!). There’s also plenty of helpful advice to those of the male persuasion. Krista is a laugh and a half too.


Krazy Kujo’s facebook page – Kujo, a.k.a. the flying water buffalo, is and always will be a huge inspiration for me. He’s a b-boy (breakdancer) whose dancing and strength moves are out of this world.

Washington DC Gyms

If you ever find yourself in the District of Columbia, here are a few gyms I recommend.

Balance Gym – This is the gym where I currently work which you see in many of my tutorials. Located in between Adams Morgan and Dupont, we have a full sized basketball court, as well as a very wide selection of exercise equipment, from traditional weights and cardio equipment to kettlebells, sandbags, climbing rope, and gymnastic rings.


Primal Fitness – Excellent old school gym that’s located near the intersection of New York Avenue and 395, it’s run by Jesse and Mark, the administrators of They are excellent trainers and have an incredible facility that they’ve custom-designed to effectively run Crossfit and Parkour style workouts. Lots of bumper plates for olympic lifting, climbing ropes and rings, and a lot of open space to work hard.