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24 excellent band exercises

RubberBanditz sent me some bands (The Bar Master Calisthenics Kit), so I’ve decided to film just a few of the many exercises you can do with them!

If you’re interested in picking some up, help support Beast Skills and buy them here –

You’ll see in the video that bands are super versatile – whether it’s upper or lower strength, flexibility, or even grip. Travel a lot and still looking to get in a workout? They’re super portable too! Pack some bands!


0:23 – Good mornings (great for warm-up and hip strengthening)
0:38 – Band deadlifts (for times when you can’t get to the gym!)
0:56 – Band pull aparts (excellent for upper back strength and good posture)
1:08 – Straight arm band pulldowns (fantastic for scapular mobility)
1:24 – Band dislocates (another fantastic one for scapular/shoulder mobility and prep for overhead squats. Easier to pack than a PVC pipe too!)
1:42 – Lat stretch (there are TONS of stretches to do with the band, one of my favorite to open up the shoulders)
1:58 – Band resisted pushups (make regular pushups tougher!)
2:19 – Wrist curls (a stronger grip always helps)
2:28 – Reverse wrist curls (keep the forearm muscles balanced/pain-free)
2:38 – Bicep curls (there are two types of people, those who like to bicep curl and those who also lie)
2:50 – Assisted ring muscle-up (A great way to rep out a difficult skill!)
3:08 – Assisted ring dip (the band keeps the rings steady for beginners too!)
3:23 – Assisted pushup (great idea for those just starting!)
3:38 – Assisted one arm pushup (great way to work up to a challenging beast skill!)
3:53 – Assisted one leg squat (don’t forget to work the lower body! The pistol is a classic and a band helps)
4:06 – Assisted chinup (east to see progress when you start using a smaller band!)
4:17 – Assisted pullup (hands facing away on this one. A precursor to the bar muscle-up!)
4:26 – Assisted typewriter pullup (looks killer. more of a challenge than regular pullups!)
4:43 – Assisted bar muscle-up (I have given numerous athletes their first bar muscle-up with just this exercise alone)
5:02 – Front lever pull (can be used for holds too! Working the straight arm pull is challenging!)
5:41 – Side lever pull (tough set-up for the flag, but it can get you some good quality reps)
5:53 – Assisted planche work (another fantastic use for the bands. Pushing through the straight arms is tough!)
6:16 – Assisted one arm chin-up (lots of ways to get on top of this mountain, but using a band is a great idea)
6:35 – Assisted one arm muscle-up (we’re getting into crazy town now. Yes, this can be done without a band. No I can’t do it myself)


There you have it! Just a few things you can do with just a few bands in your bag. Again, feel free to pick them up (and other gymnastic equipment) here –

Train hard! Train strong!

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