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Beast Skills around the World!

The same time I was putting together yesterday’s post, I received an email from Beast Skills visitor, Ted, with pictures of his “flag raising” on Yuigahama, a beach very close to Kamakura, Japan. Very impressive!

Again, very impressive! Thanks for the pictures! Ted had these words of advice:

    “But just as a warning to anyone who tries it at that height, figuring out how to do the flag by kicking off the  actual pole was difficult, but not as difficult as the descent! I lost quite a bit of skin by using my right arm & my chest as a brake after the dismount… Also, beware of pole wobble! If you’re that high up on any pole, it’s going to flex & wobble tremendously!”

Definitely good advice! Here’s his last two photos showing the set-up at the top of the pole, as well as the dismount, which he said is really more of a fall than a “dismount”!


And not to be entirely out-done, here’s a shot of me from a very recent trip to the Grand Canyon. Yes, I always seem to fall back on the one arm handstand for vacation photos, but that’s because I love the skill so much!

All of this has put me in the mood for other amazing vacation photos. Do you have an amazing shot of yourself performing a “Beast Skill”? Send it on in right here, and you may find yourself up on this page too! Please, please, please be safe with your pictures!!!

Good luck with your training!


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