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Combo Skills

All ‘advanced’ skills are just a combination of the basics. Learn and master the building blocks and you can combine them to work on these skills. I am not a professional acrobat or gymnast, and my form is still decidedly rough, but I can put together what I know to perform the skills you see here. Forward roll – (Pull-up strength + False grip strength + Handstand pressing/Ring dip strength + Abdominal compression strength) Stalder press – (Handstand balance + Handstand press/Planche work + Lower body mobility) Backward roll – (Pull-up strength + False grip strength + Abdominal compression strength + Ring dip strength) One arm elbow lever to handstand – (Handstand balance + One arm elbow lever balance + Handstand pushup strength) Break down a skill into its components, then attack your weaknesses. -Jim

Sep 05, 2012 | Category: Videos | Comments: 2


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  1. Riaz

    Hi Mr. Jim,

    I have seen you picture from Paul Wade’s Convict conditioning. Just wondeting if you have ever seen him in real and is it true what he has mentioned in hid book, as there is not a singlw pic is availbale of him

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