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Did you see that???

In my last post I showed you a video of Jack Arnow and his one arm assisted machine. Did you watch the video? Quite a few of you did. Did you notice how Jack grabbed the bar? Here’s a guy who was been doing one arm chin-ups longer than most people have been alive. For him, it’s second nature. We should all pay attention to how he sets up a one arm chin-up.

Check his grip –

You can see he gets the bar set nice and deep into his hand. So that when he closes it around the bar…

He’s got all of his fingers and the palm of his hand tightly wrapped around the bar. His forearm almost looks flexed inwards. Notice all his fingers (especially pinky) are pointing downwards. That’s a tight wrap.

I point out this detail because your grip and setting your hands is very important for both the chin-up, and the especially the one arm chin-up. Your hand is literally your connection to the bar, so you need to make sure it’s set as strong as possible.

And what if you can’t keep this position? What if your hand slips and starts to open up when you’re doing chin-ups? Then it’s time to start working on strengthening that grip!

Don’t overlook the grip. It’s a common weakness and one that may be holding you back from your goals.

Good luck with your training!

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