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How should I train for a certain skill?

I generally find that skills requiring more balance than strength (e.g., handstand, headstand, elbow lever) respond well to frequent training while giving oneself adequate rest between repetitions. I feel they can also be worked for several consecutive days without adverse consequence.

For skills requiring quite a bit of strength (handstand pushups, the flag, the back lever, etc), some find that frequent sub-maximal training while staying as fresh as possible will work for them. This is often referred to as “greasing the groove” and would have a person doing a couple repetitions of an exercise several times throughout the day for several consecutive days. This may or may not work for you depending upon your schedule.

If you do all your training at one point in the day, I would suggest working these strength skills for a smaller number of repetitions and giving yourself adequate rest between each set to recover. This is the classic formula for strength building. You’ll also want to alternate rest and training days to let your body recuperate.

Of course, combining skill training with any other sort of physical activity is going to change how you set up your workout.

Whatever you decide, record your training and make notes on your progress. Use this to evaluate your program and change things if necessary. For any training program, give it time to show results. Don’t jump from one training routine to another to another. And don’t hold off training while you try to find the perfect workout routine. Just get out there and start training!

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  1. WhiteRice870

    I posted this question on youtube also:

    Beast, what is your upper body training frequency? Just wondering because ring training and gymnastics are such total upper body movements. And how do you incorporate upper body weight lifting into your training frequency/ splits? One day of my 5 day split routine I train back and chest, first by doing front levers pulls, back levers, and iron cross pulls* on the rings then I do more normal stuff like bench press, weighted pull ups, rows, etc. Do you try to train whole upper body a little bit most days of the week or what? And how do u not get too sore?

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