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New Seminar in New Jersey!


CrossFit Tribe

7905 Browning Road Suite 202

Pennsauken, NJ 08109

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Saturday, October 24th, 2009

10:00am -12:00 pm (beginner seminar)

1:00pm -3:00 pm (advanced seminar)



$60 per seminar early registration

$80 per seminar if registered after Oct 15th

CrossFit Tribe page to register



The beginner seminar is best suited for those who are just beginning with bodyweight skills and basic ring work. The beginner’s seminar will cover the following:

Handstand push-up variations

Elbow Lever
Front Lever
Back Lever

if time –
Pistol Squat

The advanced seminar is for those who are working on their handstands and can do consecutive muscle-ups. The advanced seminar will cover the following:

Handstand correction
One arm handstand work
Handstand walking
Advanced handstand push-ups
Handstand presses
Planche work
Forward roll on rings

if time –
kip-up on rings
backward roll on rings


Skills covered during the seminar are subject to change. And as anyone who’s been to a seminar can tell you, I’m happy to go over on time to help people out with their training. It should be a fun and informative day. Hope to see you there!


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