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New Site Coming = New Features

First, thanks to everyone for all the continued support of the site. When I started all this back in 2004 with a lowly blogspot site, it quickly outgrew itself and hence this website was created. Well the years have passed and it’s time again to grow.

I now am caught up in the long process of converting my site over to a new structure and format – one that will make it easier for everyone to navigate the site, comment on posts, and a host of other things.

Got a request for a new feature to the site? Head on over to the Facebook Discussion Thread and let me know! (Click here)

In the meantime, head on over to my Facebook page for discussions and fun videos, my YouTube page for various videos of bodyweight skills, and my Twitter page for training thoughts and news.


No launch date has been set for the new site, but rest assured that it’s on its way. As a personal trainer, my schedule is currently filled to capacity, so progress on the website has been a bit slow moving. Thanks again for the support and good luck with your training!


Aug 27, 2009 | Category: Blog | Comments: none


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