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Seminar in Hoboken, New Jersey! May 8th!

As you can see by the title, this is a super-big update. First off, I’m returning to New Jersey again for another seminar at CrossFit Hoboken!

The details:

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Beginner Seminar – 8am to 10am

    This seminar will cover headstands, handstands, handstand pushups, and muscle-ups. No previous gymnastic experience is needed. If you are looking to get started with gymnastic movements and maybe looking for your first muscle-up on the rings, then this is the seminar for you!

Advanced Seminar – 12 noon to 2pm

    This seminar will cover handstand corrections, one arm handstand work, handstand presses/planche work, and advanced rings skills such as the forward roll, kip-up, front lever and back lever. A perfect handstand is not required to attend, but some familiarity with the skill is recommended. It’s also recommended that you are comfortable performing the muscle-up on rings.

Cost: $85 per seminar, or $160 for both

Register Here!

Hope to see you there!


Next, a HUGE Thank You to everyone who voted for me in the Washington CityPaper “Best Of” poll this year. I’m incredibly excited to announce that I won “Best Personal Trainer” for Washington D.C. for 2010!!!! My gym, Balance Gym, came in 2nd this year. We’re hungry for 1st place next year!

The official link right here –

I want to take this time to again thank all the fans of this page. I love my job, love this site, and love the fact that all of you show me so much support and appreciation. I really can’t state enough how much it means to me.


Next on the block, I competed last month in a powerlifting competition. Only bench press and deadlift available at this one. I’ve been following Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program for the past several months with incredible results. I followed it pretty much to the letter. I was planning on setting new PR’s at this meet, and all my numbers indicated I would. I was just a bit nervous because I hadn’t lifted near my old PR’s for months.

I kept faith in the program, with the following results –


For those not interested in watching the whole video, I managed a 300 lb bench press and 500 lb deadlift at 175 lbs. Both new PR’s for me! I had never lifted these numbers in either competition or training before. The bench felt easy. I mean, I think a 315 lb bench that day could have been possible. As for the deadlift, I’m sure my sumo deadlift style needs some work, but it still felt very good!

Both these lifts help fulfill long-time lifting goals of mine. These goals test a great amount of my overall strength. They are (were)-

100 lb+ chin-up – done!

200 lb overhead press – done!

300 lb bench press – done!

400 lb squat – not yet completed, but got 315 lbs x 12 in a recent squat workout, so I might be able to max out at 400 lbs.

500 lb deadlift – done!


All nice, round numbers and I’ve been chasing some of them for a while now. I need to set some new lifting goals! I’m looking toward increasing my Olympic lifts next.


So why am I going over all this barbell lifting? I want to show visitors to the site that it’s possible to do alright in both bodyweight exercises and barbell exercises. It’s not a matter of choosing one over the other. If you like both, then work to improve both. It’s all strength and coordination in the end, right?




Next piece of news, I’m sad to report that my buddy Josh Courage had to stop his bike ride across America early. (Check out his page and reports here). He crashed his bike in Colorado and badly broke his left thumb. Of course, Josh is disappointed with these turn of events, but I find it absolutely amazing that he would undertake this adventure in the first place. And if I know Josh, he’ll get back on his bike and complete this ride in the future (after about 1,000 other crazy adventures first!)


I think this should remind us all to find our own adventures. No matter how crazy the endeavor, or what the outcome. Those that get out and dare to do something that excites or scares them will always be happier than those who never take the chance. I promise you that. All our best to you Josh.



Finally, I’m excited to report that Jedd Johnson, owner of The Grip Authority site, and co-founder of the Diesel Crew just posted an article I wrote for the site. Entitled “The Big Guy’s Guide to Holding the Handstand”, it smashes the preconceived notion that handstands are only for skinny guys and little kids. The article will help you get upside-down, no matter how big a strength athlete you are!

Check out the article here!

That’s the end of this super update. I’ve got tons more in the works right now, and the gym and my clients always keep me busy. Hope all of you are doing well. Best of luck with your training!


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