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Site Rearrangement and Training Log Updated

As you can see from the links across the top of the front page, I’ve rearranged things slightly. The “Tutorials” section now includes “Tutorials and Articles” to reflect its content and the direction I want to take it. “Training” has changed to the more descriptive “Training Log”, and biggest change is the removal of the “Comments” section. I actually just moved it to the Archives page if someone is still dying to make a comment, but I wanted it off the main page as things were getting crowded.

Now that we’ve gotten that business out of the way, I’m also reporting a long overdue update to the training log. Training has been going very well lately and I’ve rambled off on how I’ve restructured things, the progress I’ve seen, and the direction I’m hoping to take things.

Mar 22, 2007 | Category: Blog | Comments: none


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