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Slackline Practice – 7-30-12 – No Audio

A no audio version of my slackline practice video so that it won’t be restricted anywhere. You’re missing some sweet editing to Sleeper Agent’s “Get It Daddy” though. Closing in on 4 months with my newest obsession, the slackline. Still hot as heck outside, but not stopping me from some outdoor practice. List of skills, in order – Jump mount Jump mount – drop knee – double drop knee Pistol mount Elbow lever Jump (fail) Double drop knee (fail) Double drop knee (fail) Double drop knee (fail) Knee mount – one leg bouncing Jump (success!) – turn around Drop knee – foot plant – squat – turn around I’m looking forward to improving and learning more!

Aug 01, 2012 | Category: Videos | Comments: 3 | Tags: , ,


3 Responses to “Slackline Practice – 7-30-12 – No Audio”

  1. Nick

    dude me and a bunch of friends were skating in a town near by and we saw a guy doing that and my friend did a backflip off it those things are sick

  2. Really enjoying your site. Good set of progressive moves on the slackline. Practicing slackline myself so can appreciate the difficulty.

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