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So what are your best lifts then?

As of December 30th, 2010. My best lifts are as follows. Note
that some might not have been updated for some time:

Back Squat: 415 lbs – training
Front Squat: 335 lbs
Deadlift: 500 lbs – trap bar training, 500 lbs – straight bar
competition (sumo)
Clean and Jerk: 120 KG – competition, 125 KG – training
Snatch: 90 KG – competition, 95 KG – training
Weighted Chin-up: +160 lbs
Weighted Dip: +180 lbs
Overhead Press: 220 lbs
One arm overhead dumbbell press: 105 lbs – I don’t max this
too often, but managed to press the Beast Kettlebell first
time I touched it –
Bench Press: 300 lbs – competition, 305 lbs training

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One Response to “So what are your best lifts then?”

  1. Rocky

    What was your height and weight for these lifts?

    Very impressive regardless, in my eyes, but I am curious.

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