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170 Kg squat @ 78 Kg (7-31-12)

Back on the bleeding edge of my squats, and feeling good. Here’s 170 Kg today, for the heaviest triple I’ve put up in a while. Looking to put up 182.5 Kg for three reps by year’s end.

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2 Responses to “170 Kg squat @ 78 Kg (7-31-12)”

  1. Tory

    What are your thoughts on where the toes should point during squats? Is some pronation OK? Thanks.

  2. Rich

    This is great. I’ve been doing a lot of mobility work to get to this depth. My back and hips are all great now, but for some reason with the bar on my back I still come forward on my toes or I start to fall backwards. Do you think this is an ankle issue?

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