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Improvised Dream Machine (gymnastics ring assist)

Improvised “Dream Machine” I put together the other day. The red belt is from a Vertimax, although any strong belt would do. I tied loops in the webbing (bowline knot) to connect it to the belt. The carabiners act as pulleys and cut one’s weight in half. It could use some tweaking and alteration, but it gets the job done! Big thanks to East Kent CrossFit for the inspiration! -Jim

Mar 31, 2012 | Category: Videos | Comments: 3 | Tags: , , ,


3 Responses to “Improvised Dream Machine (gymnastics ring assist)”

  1. Jeremy Pastic

    Awesome idea, love the concept! Next best thing to some fancy half-gravity inducer machine, haha.

    Silver and Cold by AFI in the background… takes me back about 10 years.

    Love the site (found you after buying Convict Conditioning) and look forward to more progressions for you, and more inspiration for me!

  2. Keenan

    Could you please put together a detailed tutorial on how you put it together? This appears to be a MUCH cheaper alternative than some of the other contraptions I’ve read on forums..

    • admin

      I’m hoping it’s pretty explanatory just by looking at the video. Attach a snug belt to some rings. The straps of the rings can be thrown through some pulley/carabiner to act as the pulley system.

      Definitely cheaper than many things I’ve seen, although you will need to check all the moving parts for increased wear.

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