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Reverse Muscle-up aka “Elevator” Training

The evolution past handstand pushups – I’ve been working with my hands on tall boxes to replicate the “elevator”. Decent results. The body leans towards the wall slightly, and notice how the elbows/arms move behind the torso. Careful with the set-up – it’s easy to flip over and/or put yourself

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Improvised Dream Machine (gymnastics ring assist)

Improvised “Dream Machine” I put together the other day. The red belt is from a Vertimax, although any strong belt would do. I tied loops in the webbing (bowline knot) to connect it to the belt. The carabiners act as pulleys and cut one’s weight in half. It could use

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Weighted Muscle-ups

Is it possible to do a strict muscle-up if you weigh over 200 lbs? Absolutely. It’s all a matter of getting those shoulders set back and down! This is key! Weighted muscle-ups have been going well lately, so here’s a recent video. I weight 175 lbs+, so you’re looking at

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Muscle-ups on a Rope!

Inspired by this video from CrossFit 515 – – I wanted to see how a muscle-up on two ropes and one rope felt. Two ropes was pretty easy, just a major strain on the thumb side of the wrists. One rope was easy to get my first elbow over,

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Men’s Health Magazine “How Fit Are You?” Contest

My submissions and eventual winners for Men’s Health Magazine “How Fit Are You?” Contest in 2007. First video shows clapping HSPU, one arm chin-up, and more. Second video, with its 4:30 am shoot time, is decidedly rougher, but I really like the press at the beginning. To answer the inevitable

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