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L-Seat to Handstand Press

�۬In the L-seat tutorial, I mentioned it would be beneficial to learn the position on your fingertips. This skill is the reason why.

First, you’ll start up in the normal L-seat position – on your fingers, of course.

Next, bring your legs back into the tuck position.

Now you’ll bring your feet from the front to the back. This is where your fingertips come into play. The extra inch or so that your fingers give you will let you bring your feet around easier. If you can get your feet to the back without this extra clearance, then by all means go ahead, but to those who would otherwise have trouble, just get up on your fingers and see how much easier it is to get into the press position.

Now, I flatten my hands, and I’m ready to press! Nothing to it.

Aug 18, 2010 | Category: Combos, Tutorial | Comments: 11


11 Responses to “L-Seat to Handstand Press”

  1. andy

    have you ever tried L-straddle to handstand? A beautiful sight to behold!

    • admin

      My straddle is not flexible enough to do this at the moment. It is a beautiful skill.

      • Andy

        Do the pancake split (toes forward) but put a step up box, a small pile of catalogues or whatever under one of your feet to create an oversplit. Repeat with stretch with the other leg. That’ll help you achieve your straddle.

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