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The human flag – a study

Hey guys, just a few quick clips of some flag training last Monday. After looking over the footage, I’ve come up with a couple more tips to help you get the skill – especially if you’re close. It basically breaks down to: – hop or swing your legs, rather than press to get into the flag, but watch out for a bent top arm – try to kick up higher than horizontal and lower down – flag pullups aren’t much more difficult than the flag. Try them! Have fun and good luck with your training!

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One Response to “The human flag – a study”

  1. In Kurz’ videos (Stadion and stuff) I remember he would attach a strap to a high pulley and do adductor pulldowns.

    I got thinking: if you did this with one of your legs, couldn’t that high pulley work to take away the weight of your leg (and maybe even support the pelvis) to make flags easier to get into and hold for time?

    I guess the main trick would be locating a stable vertical bar at the proper distance from a high pulley.

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