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Regulation Perfect One Arm Push Up – Take 2

Take 2 of the Regulation Perfect One Arm Push Up (RPOAPU) challenge. Read the description and see the first attempts here – After that first video, I was told this skill and challenge needed to be more of a multi-joint movement, instead of the single-joint movements I was doing. Today, I tried grooving the skill on a bar in a power rack and progressively lowering it. The first clip shows the bar about an inch off the ground. The second clip, I swung the camera around best I could to show another angle. I also put my feet up on a mat to get it more in line with my hand. Arms were a bit tired after all the attempts, so that’s all for today. Taking a break from this for the next week in prep for a powerlifting contest. Leave your comments! Thanks!

Mar 19, 2010 | Category: Videos | Comments: 2 | Tags: , , ,


2 Responses to “Regulation Perfect One Arm Push Up – Take 2”

  1. This variation seems to force us to keep the elbows/arms higher up, and to use more triceps. Looks cool.

  2. coltin lockhart

    your a beast

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