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90 degree pushups – low

What to do after handstand pushups? Here’s a start – 90 degree pushups. They were feeling good this week. Here I’ve clustered 3 together (~10 sec rest between each). I am working to get low enough until I eventually get down to a back lever-like position and then pull back up to the handstand. And to preemptively answer the common questions – 5’7″ 77Kg 120Kg 1 million years Thank you. -Jim

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22 Responses to “90 degree pushups – low”

  1. Andre


    Truly amazing stuff! :)

  2. Is this the same as planche > handstand? Or like planche > bottom of handstand pushup > handstand I guess?

  3. JohnnyB

    Amazing! I liked the bonus material at the end of the clip, but was most impressed by you grunting out that last rep. Nice work.

  4. aaron

    Hey man, just discovered your site – love it!

    Is this exercise enough to build chest, triceps and shoulders? Perhaps with a few extra pushups for chest development?

  5. Peter

    :-o OMFG

  6. Acevedo

    What exercises can you do to work up to this? I have strong upper body strength but nowhere near the balance or coordination to keep my legs straight it would take for this.

  7. Todd Watts

    GREAT JOB ! Awesome ! Nothing but respect !

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